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Most Challenging Small Business Hurdle

MeetupThumbWelcome to the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group:

Local Entrepreneurs, Small Business People, and Business Service Leaders that want to grow their businesses and lead their fields are participating in this vibrant local small business group to collaborate, communicate, and participate together in envisioning, and executing, their life's work, or a visionary new product or service.

We are developing an "Entrepreneurial NemoSystem" to create the necessary support services and infrastructure to help nurture local small businesses and entrepreneurs to; "Find Inspiration, Find Innovation, Find Capital, Find Markets, Find Customers, and ultimately Find Fulfillment in their lives !"

Meet a local network of entrepreneurs to share tips and problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability, marketing, sales, and distribution channel strategies and discuss mentoring and business models. Swap business cards and watch your personal business directory grow!

Be sure to "Officially" Join our Meetup Group...

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