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Group Blog Spot

This is the primary blogging spot for the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group.  All news, events, and announcements will be posted here, as well as various CSE Group programs and small business outreach initiatives.

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup
Agenda Update 2: (Sept 18, 2012)

Our September 26th, 2012 Meetup is shaping up to be a busy Fall Meetup with lots of moving parts and exciting announcements...


Colorado SCOR (Small Company Offering Registration) Overview:

At our September 26th Meetup this month, in addition to our entrepreneurial speakers, (See below), we are going to have a presentation on SCOR (Small Company Offering Registrations) as a follow-up to some of the comments I made at the recent Crowd Funding Seminar that was held by Senator Benett's office earlier this month where the issues and challenges of the upcoming Crowd Funding bill were debated.

Until the SEC finalizes the Crowd Funding rules and regulations, the jury is still out on how effective this approach will be for entrepreneurs, but there are some signs of innovation occurring in the market with a number of portals emerging to help fill in the operational and deployment gaps.  (As you know Jeff Thomas of 30dps here in the Springs is developing the web-site solution to address a number of needs in this area).  More on Invertual's presentation to the CSE Group back in our Feb 2012 SaaS/Clound Internet Meetup HERE.

But you don't have to wait for the SEC to complete their rulings...

You can do a Colorado SCOR offering now...

This Month's Business Speaker:

Brian Tsuchiya, Business Building Expert

StartUp Guru and Vim Funding.

Brian started his entrepreneurial journey 18 years ago and has since launched ten startups. Startup Guru is the culmination of this extraordinary journey. He has openly shared for the first 40 years of his life he primarily served himself and lived a life without purpose. Then in June of 2006 he read a book that would change his life forever. He embarked on a journey that connected his life purpose with his entrepreneurial career. Through this work he understood his patterns and defined his life in a way that revealed his purpose. Forged in him was the way of the entrepreneur. Now through the ESP assessment he guides others to genius.


"Crowd Fund Your Colorado Business NOW!"

The JOBS Act will allow national crowd funding in 2013 or later. However Colorado already has two statutes that upon registration will give you the same ability to generally solicit in CO only. Come learn about these options from Brian if you are seeking capital this year.   Brian will be covering the inn's and outs of the SCOR offering process at the state level and will be providing an overview of the Service they have created to help Entrepreneurs through the process.


This Month's Entrepreneurial Speaker:

Charles Mason, CEO

Charles is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in a wide variety of start-up ventures here in the US and internationally.  He has developed a number of "Geo-Domains" over the last several years creating destination web-sites for large cities and communities, and has been involved in a number of technology ventures over the years.

Business Update on

Charles will be updating the CSE Group members on the progress he is making with his new SaaS/Cloud Internet Platform called "HTML5.COM" which is going to become a major destination web-site to support the growing HTML5 developer and consumer electronics device manufacturer marketplace.  The company has been working on the development of its new web-site and setting up technology and third party alliance partners that will be part of the overall platform, so come and hear Charles talk about some of the challenges he is going through to create this company and service.  Also he will provide a "first look" at the web-site that is currently under development.

Note: Ensemble Ventures is working with through its Venture Ventilator Program, and we would like to encourage you to come take a serious look at the "Updated" business model and technology platform that has been in planning and development phases over the course of the last 4-5 months.

You will be amazed at the progress that has been made! The company has much more work ahead of it, but they are making gradual progress.


Sneak Peak & Demonstration of the Business Experts Network !

Come for a "Sneak Peak" into a unique "Strategic Marketing Alliance" the CSE Group is developing with Denver-based CTEK in the launch and promotion of their new  Business Experts Network !

This is a new online forum enabling business professionals to anonymously ask operational, management, or other questions to a network of business experts along with a unique opportunity to rate the value of the answers and advice provided by these experts, and the opportunity to engage or employ these experts as they may desire.

The site is under development by a technology team at CTEK and is currently in Beta, and we will be encouraging our members to join as both businesses seeking answers to challenges you have in growing your business, as well as for local professionals who would like to help and assist local entrepreneurs with some of the answers and solutions to their problems.  We will be issuing a special "Promo" code at next week's meetup that will help enable discounts to the site in the future for CSE Group members.


Colorado Capital Congress Update:

In addition, we will cover some of the updated information and presentations made by the team at Colorado Capital Congress which has held a series of meetings over the last several months.  This group is actively moving the bar forward for seeking out and identifying creative funding and capital sources for Colorado business.  The CSE Group has been participating in this congress since its inception as one of the representatives from Southern Colorado.

SO GET THE REAL SCOR ! - At the CSE Group's September 26th, Meetup:

Obviously there are multiple ways to source capital for seed and development stage businesses, (including donation-based crowdfunding models like Kickstarter, and traditional Private Equity and Seed Angel Investment through Private Placement Memorandums with Accredited Investors), but what a lot of small business people don't know is that since the late 1990's in Colorado it has been possible to raise up to $1M in a SCOR offering in Colorado from Colorado Investors (which can be from both accredited and unaccredited investors) using the Small Company Offering Registration process that is registered at the State Securities office.  And you can advertise your capital formation campaign as well !

So be sure to come to this month's meetup to learn more about this great capital formation tool for Colorado Small Business.

Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

July 2012 - Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Meetup

Advance Notice

We are all set for our July 2012 Meetup and 5-Year Anniversary celebration !

When: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Where: At our Home Meeting Space at the East Library Community Room
Address: 5550 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO  80918
Directions to Library: MAP
Time: 6PM to 9PM

Mark your calendars...


Special Night and Speakers:

We have a special night planned, have a number of exciting speakers we are in the process of confirming, and will be making a number of announcements regarding strategic partnerships and alliances that the CSE Group is in the process of implementing and executing for its Venture Development Clustering initiative.

Guaranteed to be "engaging, entertaining, and exciting"...  Well at least 2 out of 3 !!

We will be updating the Agenda, Speaker List and Special Events planned over the course of the next several weeks... so stay tuned !

Hope to see many of the familiar CSE Group faces, as well as some of our long term members...

MeetupThumbIf you are not a member yet, and would like to attend, just visit our Meetup Page and join and RSVP !

You have to be a member of Meetup (Free) to be able to Join the CSE Group (Also Free).


Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group


Thursday, 28 June 2012 22:51

Another way you can help local Wildfire Victims

Written by Mike Schmidt

To CSE Group Members,

Another way you can help local Wildfire Victims:

Came across this local site and fund raising effort today (after reading about it in one of our local papers and on a local TV interview) by a group of local Colorado Graphic Designers, marketers, and printers who wanted to do something for our local wildfire victims...

Here is an excerpt from their press release dated today:


Colorado Designers Launch Effort to Support Wildfire Victims; Gross Over $50,000 with 100% Proceeds Going to Colorado Red Cross and Care and Share Food Bank

“We Love Colorado. We Hate Watching It Burn.” June 27, 2012 11:00am

As wildfires continue to ravage Colorado, residents are desperate to help in any way they can. A group of talented Colorado designers, marketers and printers have quickly banded together to donate their skills and launch Wild Fire Tees, a rotating line of Colorado-created, limited edition tee shirts with 100% of the proceeds going to wildfire relief.

“We love Colorado,” said Austin Buck, co-owner of Co-Pilot Creative, a Colorado Springs-based design firm and a devastated resident who founded the site. “We hate watching it burn.” Inspired by the Central Texas Wildfire T-Shirt fundraiser powered by AIRSHP in response to the Balstrop fire in Texas, Buck and his crew at Co-Pilot brought in a few local friends who wanted to help – Colorado Springs-based design companies Fixer Creative Co., Design Rangers, marketing company Magneti Marketing, Pueblo-based LastLeaf Printing, and artist Jeremy Grant – to co-found Wild Fire Tees. The site emerged out of a simple and overpowering desire to support wildfire victims in a way that would exceed any individual checks the group could write.


The full Press Release is: HERE

And their website URL is:

According to their press announcement, the launched yesterday at noon on Wednesday, June 27th and by 4 PM they sold over 1,000 shirts and received nearly 15,000 hits to their website.  They sold about $50,000 t-shirts in 12 hours, with orders coming in from all over the nation.


Local entrepreneurs getting it done, not waiting around for approvals, paperwork, etc... moving out !

Check them out.

That's an order ! NO give them the order !


You'll know what to do... That is all.

Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs, Entrepreneurs Group

Thursday, 14 June 2012 13:52

Celebrating 400+ Membership Milestone Reached!

Written by Mike Schmidt

To CSE Group Members...

I wanted to be the first to let you know that we have just reached a major milestone in our  5-year history here in Colorado Springs... 

We have now officially reached 400+ members !
I wanted to let a few more members join up over the last several days to be sure we could "Make it Stick".  We actually reached it on Thursday last week...

... when Valerie Montgomery - Signed Up !

Thanks Valerie ! - Please be sure to come to our meetup next week on the 20th at the East Library... I would like to give you an official "Over the Top Certificate" on behalf of the CSE Group Members...

And we have a 5-Year Anniversary Celebration too... !

Also, just a heads up... Next Month we will be celebrating our 5th year as Colorado Springs"oldest entrepreneurial meetup group"...  (That's right we have been holding meetups here in the Springs since July 2007)...

And that means we are going to be celebrating next month at our July 2012 Meetup on Tuesday June, 31st at the East Library.

So mark your calendars for our July 31st meetup and 5-Year Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday June 31st !

So if you are interested in helping plan and promote our 5th Anniversary celebration let me know.  We always appreciate any help in our monthly meetups and special events.

Looking forward to seeing you this month on Wednesday the 20th and Next Month in July on Tuesday the 31st !  Should be an interesting and fun couple of Summer Months with the CSE Group gang...

Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

June 2012 CSE Group Meetup: Speaker Update

Here is a quick update of our Speaker Roster for This Month's Meetup: (As of 6/19/12)

Medical Voyce is on Stage !

This morning I confirmed the participation and contributions of the executive management team of Dirk Hobbs and Scott Casey of Medical Voyce, an innovative Monument, Colorado- based Healthcare services company, to speak at our Healthcare IT/Medical Services- Themed Meetup. is a virtual platform for health care providers and consumers, supplying valuable tools, information and communication to connect physicians to each other and their patients. Within Medical Voyce are two unique web interfaces for two separate audiences: Public and Professional.

Medical Voyce was founded in 2006 by Dirk R. Hobbs after running MDNews in CO. Based on 10 years+ of close involvement with physicians and their struggles with practice management and other business challenges, Medical Voyce was created with the intent to give physicians the tools and information they need to better manage their practice.

Our Business Speakers:

Dirk R. Hobbs- Founder and CEO

Dirk is a 20-year marketing executive and entrepreneur with extensive industry experience in the medical/health care industry, bio-tech, medical informatics, physician communications, medical publishing, medical/health care non-profit organizations, business consulting, and more.


His deep personal commitment to improving the professional experience of medical and health care personnel are the cornerstones of the organization’s Vision Mission and Values. The result is Medical Voyce, a unique online deliverable, which delivers powerful and intuitive Web-enabled toolkits, which provide revenue generators, peer communication platforms, and a venue that stimulates an element of peer gathering and collegiality, a long lost aspect of the medical profession. Additionally, the company’s IP has proven to deliver increased value for medical societies, hospitals, physicians, health-related consortiums, practice administrators, health departments, and of course, health consumers.

Dirk has been recognized in professional circles around the country as “one of the true advocates for medical professionals”, a designation he takes very much to heart and which is a guiding principle for the organization.

Dirk is a devoted Christian, husband, and father of two children. He received his degrees from the University of Mississippi and enjoys community service as board member for multiple organizations in Colorado, golf, the arts, reading, and his family’s Colorado lifestyle.

Scott W. Casey - Partner and COO

Scott, is a senior strategy and operations executive in the healthcare, financial, and consulting industries with extensive domestic and broad international experience. Prior to his arrival at Medical Voyce, Scott held the positions of Senior Vice President, Corporate Development for Rampart Consulting Corp.; Vice President, Operations for Abacus Mortgage; and Director, International Programs and Project Management Office for FrontRange Solutions.

Scott’s international experience includes the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, China and Australia. Scott earned his BA from the University of Illinois; his MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina; and his Global One MBA, International Business Development in partnership from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University – Netherlands, Egade School of Management at Tecnológico de Monterrey-Mexico, and Escola de Administracao de Empresas de Sao Paulo – Brazil. He also holds a Top Secret US Security Clearance.

Scott sits on the board of directors for The American Red Cross of the Pikes Peak Region. He is an avid golfer during the summer and enjoys snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies during the winter with his wife Kim and their two daughters Sarah and Rachel.

Our Entrepreneurial Speakers:

John Keeran, (who is a CSE Group member) and his associate Dr. Kailash Jaitly, will be co-presenters at our June 20th Meetup Next week where they will be doing a "re-cap" of the 2-day Creativity Seminar they launched last month in May here in Colorado Springs.

Their unique 2-day seminar format blends a form of "Creativity Science" that integrates humanism, behaviorism, neuroscience, and philosophy through physics and set theory.  As John as described it, "They turn psychology into a “hard” science". Yet, their model is easy to understand with analogies of horses and cars used by John Keeran & Dr. Jaitly. If you can ride a horse or drive a car, you can understand this new and powerful model of the mind and emotions.  Come to this Month's meetup and get an insiders view of this unique Creativity-Building process.

For More information on their Seminar:

John Keeran

John is an industrial strength geek with over 30 years of experience in computer systems. From assembler programmer to systems integrator to database administrator to development manager and project manager, John has been a part of the growth of Information Technology from the “punch card” days of the 1960s into the 21st century and the World Wide Web of today.  Much of his career was spent as a contractor, and he has worked on systems for Oracle, MCI, Agilent, Current, HFSI, AFSPACECOM, and many others.

Fascinated with the workings of the mind and emotions as a teenager, John applied his new expertise in boolean algebra and set theory to formulate a new model of the brain, the mind, and emotion based in thermodynamics, evolution, and economics.  John realized the close ties between creativity and emotions. Armed with his new mind model and his understanding of the importance of creative problem-solving, John joined with two partners, Ed Scott and Gary Love, to invent the Creativity Game, a tool to reawaken and enhance innate problem-solving skills.

Finding that his terminology was alien to specialists in the field of psychology, John turned his attention toward learning the jargon of psychology and neuroscience.

For More information on John Keeran:


Dr. Kailash Jaitly

Originally from India, Dr. Kailash Jaitly came to the U.S. after receiving his masters degree in psychology  and Honors Degree in philosophy at the University of Lucknow in northern India (less than 150 miles from Nepal and the Himalayan Mountains).

Dr. Jaitly continued his education at the University of Colorado, Harvard University, and the University of Denver where he received his doctorate in psychology.

Active in the field of psychology for decades, Dr. Kailash most recently has been a university professor and director of health/medical psychology.  Not only is “Dr. KJ” one of our presenters, but he is our technical adviser, too, since much of our material is in the field of psychology.  Over the years, Dr. Jaitly has been on the Board of Directors of numerous organizations dedicated to health care, and he has taught at a variety of universities and colleges in Colorado.

A clinical psychologist, Dr. Kailash has been especially dedicated to reform in child and adolescent mental health services.  In fact, he spent a good portion of his professional career as the director of the Division of Child Psychiatry at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, Colorado.  Dr. Jaitly is a life member of the American Psychological Association.

For More information on Dr. Kailash Jaitly:





Looking forward to seeing you all this month !

Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group



May 2012 CSE Group Meetup:
Better late then NEVER !  they say...
Much apologies for the delay in getting this agenda update out...
Our May Meetup is going to be a "catch-up" meeting of sorts, as we have all been busy on our own companies and projects during the last several months and we missed our April Meetup  (due to some project and client schedules and travel commitments that I had) and I had some last minute speaker cancellations.  Also it seems that our meetings at the Penrose Library for the last several months were getting somewhat "crowded" in their small Adult Room space as we were reaching capacity limits there.
But the good news is we are back to our EAST LIBRARY Home !
Agenda for May's Meetup: "Open Forum Format"
This month, instead of attempting to "cram" 2 different Venture Development Cluster overviews into 2+ hours with multiple speakers on different topic areas, (as we were trying to make-up for April and May's topics of Healthcare IT/Services, and Broadband Telecom/Wireless respectively), I've decided to try something different for this months meeting.
It's called "Open Forum Format" and is designed to allow for some UN-scripted, and ad-hoc, impromptu member presentations and discussions by members who are interested in making 5-Minute presentations providing the CSE Group members with updates on your businesses, new product or service introductions, discussions about challenges you are facing, or some questions you have about some thorny legal or business related issue you are dealing with, etc.

Our First Speaker in our Open Forum Format will be Elizabeth Martin

elizabethmartinpicAbout Elizabeth D. Martin is a Colorado native, born in Pueblo and grew up and raised afamily in Grand Junction. Elizabeth operated “A Perspective,” in Grand Junctionfrom 1998 to 2004, helping small business owners adapt to computer technology.She earned a bachelor’s degree in art and writing in 2009 and moved to ColoradoSprings in 2009.

Since October 2009, Elizabeth has served at the Colorado Springs SCORE as acounselor and Client Communications Director. In that position, Elizabethmanaged the first e-newsletter for the Chapter and created a roundtable program,“Conversations About You as a Business,” to bring advisers and business ownerstogether in an informal setting.

In January 2012, Elizabeth reformulated A Perspective and began a business againas A Perspective, LLC. As a Creative Flow Strategist, Elizabeth collaborates withvisionary entrepreneurs to create business workflow, compatible with theindividual’s creative productivity.

Jump In and Grab the Mic !
So, if you are interested in speaking, making a presentation, testing out a new concept or idea, have a challenge you would like to discuss with the group, (using our amazing "Team Thinking" and Problem Solving skills), or you have some suggestions or ideas about how you would like to support the CSE Group, this is your chance.   Just send me an e-mail and let me know and I will add you to our "ad-hoc" speakers roster.  Over the span of 21/2  hours we should be able to fit in a number of CSE Group members.
I will also have some updates on projects that I am working on for CSE Group members with Ensemble Ventures and our "Venture Ventilator", and some updated info on the progress of the Venture Development Cluster concept we are developing.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night !
Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group


If you would like to join the CSE Group and Register to Attend this meeting use this URL: Thanks!

If you would like to join the CSE Group and Register to Attend this meeting use this URL: Thanks!


February 2012 CSE Group Meetup:  SaaS/Cloud/Internet Cluster
To our CSE Group Members and Local "Invited" Software Companies:
It's "Leap Time" for Venture Development:

An exciting Meetup is planned this month on Wednesday Feb 29th (That's right "Leap Day") at the Penrose Library downtown, as we begin to start putting together the raw materials, people, and funding models for our proposed SaaS/Cloud/Internet Venture Development Cluster for Colorado Springs.  This is where we effectively "glue" together our local Internet, Software Development, SaaS, and Cloud-based developer community, with our emerging business development and seed angel community that is interested in plugging into real companies with real investment strategies that have "legs" and "teeth".  No "handouts" or "government cheese" allowed here !

Local, Loud, and Leveraged:

This is a local grassroots effort that is performance based and high-speed, and is not for the faint of heart.  We are not asking anyone for permission.  We are moving out and executing a well thought-out strategy that is supported by numerous venture accelerators across the country who have taken a "differentiated" and "direct" approach to building companies quickly and efficiently.

At our Feb 29th Meetup we will be "Filling in the Blanks" on SaaS/Cloud/Internet.

VDC + 3Ci = R E S U L T S

What is the formula for success ?  We believe it's not a top-down-command and control approach that's for sure... We are not interested in using old, to build new.   It's grass roots and bottom up, that means we create both a VDC, (Venture Development Cluster) focused on a specific vertical market model, (as in SaaS/Cloud/Internet), including start-up entrepreneurs and operating company entrepreneurs in the same space integrated together with mentors and advisers and investors who "get" software development, and the Internet to create a dynamic venture development environment.  These companies work and support the efforts of the others in the cluster.  Each have unique markets and products and services, but share a legacy of operational needs and challenges that they will be able to help support as an eco-system.

Match this with a specially developed Collaborative Community Capital Investment Fund, (3Ci) that raises and invests exclusively in the SaaS/Cloud/Internet cluster companies, and you have an explosive combination.  We want to raise between $3M to $5M for this fund initially, with the potential to grow this to $10M annually so we are not messing around.

This Month's Speakers for our SaaS/Cloud/Internet Meetup:

This month we have invited a number of local software developers who are already developing SaaS/Cloud/Internet solutions, or those companies that are on the edge or considering development solutions in this area to make presentations at our Meetup.

Our "QuickPitch" Marathon will include the following presenters and companies who will be showing a wide variety of innovative SaaS/Cloud/Internet solutions:

1. Jeff Thomas, COO/Co-Founder -

Web Site:

About Jeff:

Jeff Thomas founded 30dps (short for 30 dreams per second), a full-service agency, in 1989. Under his leadership, 30dps has established a sound reputation for excellence in branding, creative, customer-centered marketing, effective user interface design, new media consulting, and sophisticated website development. While 30dps has served a diverse client base across the country, from California to Washington D.C., it prides itself in being local at heart.  In 2007, Jeff also co-founded Winged Dreams, a Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising and Internet Marketing firm.   Prior to starting 30dps, Jeff served for ten years at FedEx, providing award-winning management of the team that developed the highly acclaimed COSMOS package tracking and customer service system that processed 30 million transactions daily, with 99.99% accuracy, availability and sub-second response time.

About Inventural:

In October 2010, he co-founded Invertual, Inc., an online global investment matchmaking community that matches Investors' interests with Member Companies looking for capital.  Primarily a social networking, investor relations and communications portal, will provide businesses seeking the attention of investors with access to a large investor base and information they need to effectively communicate their message and help land deals.  The website will also give these companies the tools to manage and self-police their SEC and Blue Sky compliance.


2. Jay Brooks, CTO, Co-Founder - VoltaMedia, Simian

About Jay Brooks:

Mr. Brooks holds a BS in Computer Science and a MSE in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has extensive experience in network application development, embedded systems and solution architecture. Mr. Brooks has worked in the Automotive, Computer and Consumer products industries, developing both internet solutions and application software. Mr. Brooks has worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation and most recently Fluke Networks. Mr. Brooks brings in-depth experience in software engineering and complex system design.

About Voltamedia:

Founded in 2003, Volta is comprised of a close-knit team with over 20 years of combined expertise in web development, software engineering, graphic design and marketing for the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries. All of Volta's solutions are developed in-house which eliminates integration and communication problems caused by outsourcing. The company believes in creating the absolute best user experience and takes pride in building close client relationships to truly understand their business. Current clients include: Prettybird, Wild Plum, Tria Beauty, Freedom Films, Simply Organic, Photogenics, and Moxie Pictures.

About Simian:

Having already designed hundreds of custom web sites using their own unique web application platform, the veteran software developers at Volta saw a unique opportunity to respond to a new demand in the entertainment marketplace. Among their production company clientele, there was an outcry for the need of an online workflow tool that simplified reel presentations, for both the user and the client.  Over the course of the last 18 months, and working closely with video producers and editors, Volta developed Simian. An online showcase tool that streamlines media presentation for commercials, music videos, and web or print advertising. Simian is a powerful web-based SaaS Solution that gives creative teams the power to share reels, build presentations, and coordinate project workflow.


3. Matt Troyer, Founder, President -

Web Site:

About Matt:

Matt is the President of CobaltIP and one of the founding parters.  After spending 15 years in ecommerce, founding companies such as and, Matt moved on to software development in the intellectual property marketplace.  Matt spent three years in the intellectual property industry where, he led efforts for several different software applications including patent review workflow, patent charting, and intellectual property ecommerce solutions.

About is the first of a new class of patent analytics software applications that was announced in March 2011, and went live as a beta in June of 2011 that is a partnership alliance between Free Patents, LLC,, (the parent company of and  The technology Cobalt has developed, and deployed is unlike any other patent searching and analytics platform in use today.  Cobalt is targeted at patent agents and attorneys, corporate IP holders, IP consulting firms, university tech transfer and M&A professionals.  The company offer several memebership levels that meet price and feature requirements for all IP professionals.


4. James C. Romig
Executive Vice President & Chairman of the Board - MICR Prime Services, Inc.

Web Site:

About Jim:

Mr. Romig is the founder and Chairman of the MICR Prime companies.  Jim is the inventor of the patented MPM6000 Check Binder, the key component of ChIPS®. From 1985 through 1990 Jim was a sales representative for EG&G in S. California selling high tech glass scale positioning and quality measurement systems to the aerospace and machine tool industry. He has completed post-graduate work in administrative disciplines and has extensive sales and marketing experience.

About MICR Prime:

MICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI) has been in business for 9 years. For the last 6 years  the company has worked to bring the Checks In-house Production System, ChIPS, to the financial industry market.   MICR Prime is an outgrowth of Computer Forms (print service brokerage) begun in 1993. Research for a unique product to sell led Jim to a desk top publishing solution for internal bank documents (MS DOS). He purchased the Windows version in 2004. More than 300 customers in 26 states & 2 foreign countries use the package. The patented Checks In-house Production System (ChIPS) is new to the company. Its development and marketing strategies are the direct result of his efforts. ChIPS is a highly specialized system of software, equipment and consumables that dramatically improves profitability for financial institutions and gives them a distinct marketing advantage over their competitors.  Jim will be discussing some of their plans to take their ChiPS software solution to the internet.


5. Matthew Coers, President (Ventures Interactive)

About Matthew:
 Matthew Coers is President of Ventures Interactive and inventor of the Vortos Content Optimization System. He has 17 years of Internet marketingand web application development experience in a variety of markets including software, Internet security, healthcare, advertising, publishing, environmental engineering, and data analytics.  His experience working with dozens of organizations and in a variety of markets has given him a comprehensive understanding of the industry's best practices. His articles on subjects such as website development, design and internet marketing are syndicated on hundreds of websites. Through his articles and consulting work, Mr. Coers has helped thousands of entrepreneurs take their first steps online - successfully.  Mr. Coers graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy, and has been working in the fields of web application development, marketing, and advertising since 1995.


About Ventures Interactive:

Ventures Interactive is a Denver-based Web Development and Internet Marketing company with a world-wide client-base. The company takes a vendor-neutral approach to each project - finding the best solution to fit the needs of each client, not forcing clients into a pre-determined list of reseller products or solutions.  Ventures Interactive is oriented around developing online solutions that work toward business goals. Every website, regardless of it's tactical goals, has a strategic marketing purpose. Our responsibility is to help clients develop interactive products that deliver on their functional requirements, and serve as a basis for incremental improvement over time.

Mr. Coers will be introducing The Vortos Content Optimization System (COS) which is a machine-learningapplication that records the behavior of visitors to websites. The systemuses the intelligence it gathers to develop statistical probabilities, cluster visitors, and manipulate website content to focus on products andcontent visitors are most likely to view or buy. The information produced bythe system can be further used for remarketing and offline prospectqualification, or to feed into 3rd party CRM or marketing automation.


6. Aaron Nielsen, President -

Web Site:

About Aaron:

Aaron is a Colorado native from Littleton. He holds a BSEE from the Colorado School of Mines and has worked in oilfield services, airborne entertainment systems, aerospace, defense, law enforcement, and satellite communications. He has spent most of his career as a software engineer with wide enough exposure to qualify as a “full stack” developer and architect.


About Blooco:

Aaron founded Blooco Inc. to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Currently in the defining stages of the company, Blooco is serving local businesses with software consulting services. As a bootstrapper, Aaron continues to invest in ideas by building prototypes and promoting further innovation in his community. With the strong R&D emphasis, Blooco is developing SaaS prototypes to serve the data integration and visualization needs of the oil and gas industry. Additionally, Blooco has developed Eyeris, a prototype software system for mobile identity management and authentication. Aaron currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and 4 children. They enjoy most outdoor activities, but especially snowboarding, backpacking, and fishing.


7. Janet Corniel, Founder - Movingal

About Janet:

Janet has extensive moving experience, having moved eleven times in sixteen years, which include domestic and international relocations. She also has a Masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Michigan State University and is AICP Certified by the American Planning Association.  From this extensive background, she has created MovinGal, a company that is designed to offer calm and reassurance in the chaos of moving by offering extensive information all in one convenient location so that customers can be better prepared to make a decision on their future home.

About MovinGal:

Started as a Blog in September 2010, Janet began writing and posting blogging topics and information regarding moving, (which at one time or another effects everyone).  It became such a great source of information for anyone who has gone through a move and/or about to embark on one.  Her blog also contains some laughs because you will need a few as you unpack your boxes in the middle of the night that becomes morning too quickly!   Then in May of 2011, Janet announced the launch of MovinGal the website.   After a year of development, the website was created to make searches for a new location and move much easier.  For those people who have moved recently or are in the midst of a move know that trying to do research online to find utilities, school districts and other resources can be disjointed and time consuming because individual searches for each category was required.  This is no longer the case.  MovinGal enables searches for these resources based on an address.  It provides all the information needed to decide if this is the right place for you and your family to settle into and presentes it all in one convenient location.  The service is free.

Come out and support our local software entrepreneurs and companies !

This is just the first of six VDC Clusters we are going to launch this year, so it should be an exciting night !


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

January 2012 CSE Group Meetup Agenda Update:

Meeting Agenda:

(Hour 1)

6:00PM – 6:25PM – “Gettin’ in the Mood” LiveIntro’s & QuikBio's  (25 Minutes - Group)

Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions…

Sponsored by Ensemble Ventures, LLC  !

6:25PM – 6:30PM – Getting Down to Business

Internet Updates - (5 Minutes - M. Schmidt - Meetup & CSE Site)

Membership Status - Meetup Updates – Web-Site

Update on CSE Group Site:

6:30PM - 7:00PM - Guest Business Speaker:

James C. Romig – Executive Vice President & Chairman of the Board

MICR Prime Services, Inc.

About Jim:

MICR Prime is an outgrowth of Computer Forms (print service brokerage) begun in 1993. Research for a unique product to sell led Jim to a desk top publishing solution for internal bank documents (MS DOS). He purchased the Windows version in 2004. More than 300 customers in 26 states & 2 foreign countries use the package.

Mr. Romig is the founder and Chairman of the MICR Prime companies. He has completed post-graduate work in administrative disciplines and has extensive sales and marketing experience.

The patented Checks In-house Production System (ChIPS) is new to the company. Its development and marketing strategies are the direct result of his efforts. ChIPS is a highly specialized system of software, equipment and consumables that dramatically improves profitability for financial institutions and gives them a distinct marketing advantage over their competitors.

The company is seeking to raise operating capital to launch ChIPS into the healthy part of the banking industry, community banks and credit unions. Their quest includes two very novel initiatives -- "crowd funding" and a Direct Public Offering.

About Jim's Talk:

MICR Prime Services, Inc. (MPSI) has been in business for 9 years. For the last 6 years we've worked to bring the Checks In-house Production System, ChIPS, to the financial industry market.  But, wait a minute, does anybody use checks these days? Absolutely, and they will for the next 20 years! The FDIC says more than 30 BILLION paper check transactions occurred in the US last year. That's a lot of checks!

We've done the product development in Suite B (the basement of our home here in Colorado) and tapped out every available resource to do it -- part time jobs, savings, inheritance from my preacher father's estate, family, friends from church, everything. At long last we have a ready to go system but we ran out of funds to do the marketing. That's where you can help.

We are doing a "CROWDFUNDING" Raise !  - Come and hear more about this unique way to raise capital !

(Hour 2)

7:00PM – 7:15PM (Bio Break) – 15 Minutes

7:15PM – 8:00PM– Overview of VDC & 3Ci Programs– 45 Minutes

Mike Schmidt, CEO - Ensemble Ventures, LLC

What is a Venture Development Cluster: ?

With a major need to create an entrepreneurial "eco-system" in Colorado Springs that transcends traditional economic development activities and instead focuses on developing local small businesses that fosters innovation and encourages creativity and collaboration, it's time to create a new kind of local economic development model that puts the entrepreneur at the center of attention and action...

Much like what TechStars has done in Boulder, Boston, and San Francisco with their software-oriented technology incubation concept, or Y-Combinator with their innovative software company entrepreneurial funding strategies, Ensemble and the CSE Group is interested instead in developing a robust " Venture Development Cluster" model for Colorado Springs that focuses on the "The Enterprise", "It's Entrepreneur(s)" and the force multiplier of active Mentoring and advisory support "Execution" services coupled together with high-velocity capital and proven business process optimization that can provide companies with a competitive advantage and increase their chances for success.

Overview of First "Sports/Wellness Cluster" Initiative:

The Center for Mild Hyperbaric Research in partnership with Pikes Peak Hyperbaric

Developing the First Sports/Wellness Business !





8:00PM - 8:45PM - 45 Minutes of Networking and Open Forum Discussions

8:45PM – Close

9:00PM – Library Closes

Hope you can make it and participate in Colorado Springs most engaging monthly Entrepreneurial meetup in town !


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

Monday, 02 January 2012 11:38

Revenue North Small Business Growth Summit

Written by Mike Schmidt


Attention CSE Group Members:

As you know, the CSE Group is officially participating as a "Community Partner" with Revenue North in supporting the upcoming Revenue North Small Business Growth Summit, being held in Colorado Springs in January 2012.  We are excited about this unique conference opportunity for local small businesses to attend a two-day training and education conference (over a Friday and Saturday) that consists of a wide variety of presentations and educational topics presented to help you grow your business.  The 20 topical areas covered are:

  1. Prospecting

  2. Brand Development

  3. Internet Outsourcing

  4. Developing People

  5. Effective Offers

  6. Word of Mouth Marketing

  7. SEO

  8. Strategic Alliances

  9. Lead Conversion

  10. Measuring Systems for Marketing

  11. Google Ad Words

  12. Cash Flow Essentials

  13. Sales Training

  14. Social Media Marketing

  15. Public Relations

  16. Retention Economics

  17. Lead Generation

  18. Video Marketing

  19. Keys for Effective Hiring

  20. Exceptional Customer Service

This two-day conference is being held on January 20 & 21, 2012 in Colorado Springs at the Antlers Hilton Hotel and will feature over 60 sessions providing actionable information to help your business grow and thrive.

Most speakers are drawn from the Pikes Peak and Denver Metro regions – all of them have in-the-trenches experience and knowledge to share. You’ll walk away from the conference ready to implement tried and true marketing and sales strategies that work in our local market.


A Real Educational Value !

Not only is the content quality unbeatable, so is the price. Attend the conference for only $99 or bring up to five staff members for $299.

Registration is open on the Revenue North website now – or you can connect with Revenue North via your favorite social media channel:    FacebookLinkedInTwitter

About Revenue North:

The main website for Revenue North is here:

The idea for Revenue North was developed by Chris Coughlin who has been operating a very successful conference and training venture called Glazier Clinics--a no-nonsense, no-frills conference business that trains the best football coaches in the world (  They have proven experience offering 100 unique, high-value training sessions at each event for an unbelievably low price of $99 for an individual or $299 for an entire staff. They have accomplished this through a relentless focus on high-quality content combined with stringent cost controls.  So after Chris considered taking his marketing staff to a business conference in Seattle a year ago... he realized that his four-person team would need to spend over $7,000 to cover registration fees, travel, lodging and all other expenses.  It was then that the idea for Revenue North was born.  Let's bring the conference to our local community !

Why This Conference is a Great Opportunity:

I will be moderating a number of educational sessions during the summit so you will see me there on both Friday and Saturday.   I encourage you and your business network, clients, friends and associates support this local Small Business event by purchasing a ticket to attend as I believe this summit represents a great collection of professional speakers and relevant topics for your business that you can immediately benefit from.  I know the CSE Group will be doing all it can to help support the Summit and make it a success.  We want to see it back here and repeated again in 2013 !

So mark your calendars for January 20 & 21, 2012 !

Opportunity for Sponsoring a "Small Business NetMixer" Saturday Night:

Also, to celebrate the Entrepreneurial Community here in the Springs in support of the Revenue North Summit, I'm interested in proposing to interested CSE Group member companies or individuals the opportunity to join me as a Co-Sponsor with my company (Ensemble Ventures) to help support a Saturday Evening Small Business "NetMixer" Hospitality Event that would be sponsored by The Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group at a local restaurant/pub downtown that would start right after the January 21st Saturday sessions are completed and run from 3PM to 6PM. We could also schedule our January CSE Group Meeting at this event as well and make it a dual purpose meeting.   If you are interested in helping to support this unique NetMixer event, send me an e-mail and let's talk.   E-Mail me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Let's Support this unique and local Small Business Training Event...

I would like to see the CSE Group members take advantage of this great first-of-its-kind event and to benefit from the amazing array of business training being offered, and to support the wide variety of local businesses and professionals who are being engaged to contribute their expertise and experiences for your benefit.

Remember to register today...   Registration is open

Looking forward to seeing you at the Revenue North Summit !


Mike Schmidt, Chair

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

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