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Mike Schmidt

Welcome to the "Sizzlin Summer 2011 Shirt-Sleeve Workshop Sessions"


Each Month through the summer with the help of both CSE Group members and local small business experts, we are going to take 2 hours out of our normal CSE Group Monthly Meeting, to present a specific area of skill sets and techniques that are of interest to our members that will take you through the process of creating a product or service, building a business around your idea, and then enabling it for success.

We will post the workshop leaders on the meetup and CSE Group .ORG site as soon as they are confirmed.  If you are interested in participating as a workshop leader please feel free to contact me at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

June 2011 Workshop:

Next month in June we are going to start off our series and present some unique tips and techniques for "Envisionerring" that will allow you to brain-storm, brand, and build an innovative product or service idea from scratch so that you can take it to the next step in the process. This will include brainstorming strategies, branding techniques, competitive market analysis, pricing tips, and market positioning ideas.

We will then follow-up in July with the "Engineering" Workshop which will help you build a business around your idea, and then in August we will finish with the "Enabling" Workshop to show you how to put all the pieces together.  (More about these other workshops in upcoming event and schedule posts).

Summer Meetup Formats:

I have already posted the three Meetup Dates with a preliminary agenda that goes into more detail about these meetings and workshops.  Below are the links to each of the monthly meetups from the meetup site:


Support Web-Page and Forums:

We will also be posting these schedules and agenda here on the CSE Group .ORG site where we will be creating a special support web-page and forum that will support the workshops before, during, and after the events so that you have a complete resource of information to draw from after the workshops are complete.

Workshop Leaders:

We are in the process of developing our workshop agenda's and speakers so if you are interested in participating and contributing as a workshop speaker, leader, or panel participant, please feel free to contact me:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   I'm interested in speaking with you if you would like to lead the complete monthly workshop in terms of managing the main theme and pulling together all the guest speakers and workshop leaders, or if you are a subject matter expert in a specific area and would like to speak, participate in a panel or lead a session.

Business Speakers and Entrepreneurial Presenters:

Also, to support our ongoing Monthly Meetup Format, if you are interested in being one of our monthly business speakers, (for a 30 minute speech on a topic of your choosing that would be of interest to our group) or would like to make an entrepreneurial presentation, (5 minutes with a 5minute Q&A) let me know as we are now beginning to schedule speakers for the summer.  Just send me an e-mail and let me know you are interested.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So, come to our three "Sizzlin Summer 2011 Shirt-Sleeve Workshops" as part of our normal Monthly Meetup and make your summer count!


Mike Schmidt

CSE Group Chair


If you would like to join the CSE Group and Register to Attend this meeting use this URL: Thanks!


If you would like to join the CSE Group and Register to Attend this meeting use this URL: Thanks!


Inventors Roundtable Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting has been "Teamed-Up" with The Invention Paradise CoffeeCrew Meeting:

Sorry for the late notice, but we have a chance to combine our two meetings together this month on Tuesday March 15th !

Date/Time:  Tuesday, March 15 2011, 5:30pm - 9:00pm
Location :     The Village Inn, 1430 Harrison Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Contact :      Rita Crompton -- (303) 910-8889; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Villiage Inn Map

The Inventors’ Roundtable™

Sponsors FREE, EDUCATIONAL roundtable meetings where inventors and entrepreneurs can discuss the inventing process and the manufacturing, individual financing and venture capital and other funding processes necessary to get there.  Often in attendance are intellectual property speciialists, along with marketing, fnance, venture capital, manufacturing (both domestic and overseas) and licensing experts.  Experienced serial, professional and hobbyist inventors who have been there and done that are also available, all for the purpose of answering your questions. Remember, "Don't spend a dime before it's time™".   And, don't miss this unique event.

For more information, call 303-910-8889, or send an email to Rita Crompton at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For additional information, go to The Inventors' Roundtable website at

Invention Paradise

Aweekly CoffeeCrew "Mini-Meetup" where we will go into more detail about the invention process, patents, technology assessment, etc.

Hosted by: Charles Mason. CoffeeCrew Coordinator for Invention Paradise

Volta Delivers Simian 2.0 - The Next Generation Multimedia Platform for Creative Companies

Volta, a local Colorado Springs-based software development client of Ensemble Ventures we have been working with in our "Venture Ventilator" has utilized its groundbreaking Media Management Platform called "VoltaMMP", to enable the fast-track development and deployment of Simian 2.0. The eagerly anticipated update and refresh to Volta's innovative Simian 1.0 Video Collaboration and Advanced Workflow Solution for the Video Production and Creative Communities.

A Big day for Volta as they have been working on this for months...

Great job to Jay Brooks and his Partner Brian Atton in California, and the entire Volta team as they have reached a significant milestone in the development of their company and this unique software platform.

Hopefully we will have Jay drop by the CSE Group soon and share some of his experiences with the CSE Group members !

Here is the Press Announcement that was published today:

If you would like to join the CSE Group and Register to Attend this meeting use this URL: Thanks!


If you would like to join the CSE Group and Register to Attend this meeting use this URL: Thanks!



Due to extreme Cold Weather Conditions...

The Colorado Springs Entreprenurs Group Meetup for January was Cancelled.

See us in February 2011 !

Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:50

Simian Embed Code Test

Test of the Simian EMBED Code for Video:


bellsColorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group December 2010 "Holiday" Mixer Agenda: (Update 1)


December 17, 2010 - The Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group today announces a new Entrepreneurial Training Program Alliance with The Business Startup Institute of Colorado Springs to provide access to an online, entrepreneurial video training course company that has been recently created by Jim Holley, an experienced local entrepreneur with courses developed and delivered by Dr. Thomas Duening, The El Pomar Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Professor at The College of Business at UCCS. Together they are delivering a dynamic, on-demand 21-part video training program that gives you a head start on your new business.

For breaking news on this exciting local training program development you can read the business section in today's Gazette where an overview of the new Business Startup Institute has been published:

Jim Holly, the Founder and CEO of The Business Startup Institute will be our Guest Speaker this month at our December Meetup and Holiday Mixer where Jim will be introducing the Business Startup Institute to the CSE Group.

Affilate Program Relationship Announced:

We will also be introducing the CSE Group's Affilate Program Relationship with The Business Startup Institute where the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group can access these innovative business training courses at a 25% discount off the already affordable rates. An additional 25% will automatically be allocated to a Colorado Springs charity of our choice.

For More information on the Business Startup Institute go to and use the coupon code CSEG25 at checkout.


Even though the CSE Group is "Taking Care of Local Colorado Springs Businesses", it's still the Holidays ! So time to celebrate our achievements and initiatives this year.

Even though our meetup is in the last week of the year, (and we may have a number of CSE Group Members traveling for the holidays), we still would like to close out the year with a Meetup and Holiday Mixer. Hope you can join us.

We Promise... The Program will be 60 Minutes, and the Party will be 2 hours !

Hour 1

1. "Gettin in the Mood" - Holiday Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions - - 60 Minutes (Group)

- We will start out with the food and refreshments so they don't get cold !

-- Food Sponsor - Membership Holiday Pot Luck

-- Would like to Extend an Invitation to all our CSE Group Members who would like to bring a Holiday Dish for our Getting in the Mood segment which will be extended to an hour, and then be re-started for a second hour after a brief 30-minute program.

Food's R Us !

-- Will post a master list of food items on the CSE Group .ORG site,

... so you can volunteer to bring a main course, a dessert, sodas, specialty holiday treats, etc. Hopefully our "Organized" CSE Group Members will coordinate together to create a major spread of food and refreshments !

You can BUILD IT Yourself of BUY IT Commercially... Just as long as it's hot and fresh !

1/2 Hour

2. CSE Group Membership News and Internet Updates - 5 Minutes

-- Org Site, Meetup Happenings, Policies/Procedures, Blog Posts, Profiles

3. "QuickPitch" - "Off The Floor and Off the Cuff" Entrepreneur Sales Pitch - 1 Minute Each
-- Volunteer Pitches from Members who are seeking capital, seeking help, seeking customers, etc.
-- No reservation needed. If you want to make a "QuickPitch" - Bring it On !

4. Guest Business Speaker - 30 Minute Talk - 5 Minute Q&A

Mr. James W. Holley, Jr. - Founder and CEO Business2Learn, LLC

JimHollyPicSMAbout Jim:

Mr. Holley has over 20 years of startup business experience and has founded 5 companies. Currently, Mr. Holley is the president and CEO of businesses2learn, LLC, an e-learning company that offers an online entrepreneurship program and tools thru the that help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed at starting their first business. Prior to that, Mr Holley was the president of Harvestime University, an online learning site that guides churches thru the facility expansion process. As the CEO of Umix, Umix Pro and Umix Medical, Mr Holley raised $6 million in equity capital to develop 31 products and patent them for distribution in accounts like Wal*Mart, Target, and other retail chains. Mr Holley has an MS in Engineering mechanics for the University of Santa Clara, and a BS in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University, 1983

Jim's Talk:

BusStartupLogoJim will provide an overview of his unique "entrepreneurial journey" – inventing and distributing consumer products to mass audiences, through unique business relationships and alliances, and will provide a unique insight into how to adapt and change course in your career as you move from the corporate world to an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Jim will also be introducing their new online training program to help entrepreneurs succeed the first time – The Business Startup Institute.

5. InSide/OutSide Your Business - 5 Minutes
-- Tips and Techniques
-- Mike's Stack-O-Stuff


Final Hour:

Formal Meeting Ends (7:30PM) - Holiday Mixer Re-Starts !
-- Food and Refreshments, Socializing
-- Open Discussions/Small Group Meetings/Holiday Mixer

-- Final Wrap at 9PM !
East Library
5550 N Union Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918



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