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Mike Schmidt

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 12:30

Launch of CSE Group CoffeeCrew Program !

CoffeeCrewLogoSMWelcome to CoffeeCrew !

Last month in our First "Focus Forum" meeting we "launched" the idea for a "live" social networking activity that born out of one of the recommendations that one of our CSE Group members, Charles Mason suggested, that we might be able to put together weekly meetings with smaller groups to cover specific topics and discussion areas...    So, in response, Charles and I met a couple of weeks ago, discussed the program dynamics and logistics, and I've come-up with a catchy name for the new social networking activity, "CoffeeCrew".   And we have a new logo too ! (See our logo at right).

It's the CSE Groups answer to extending the "DNA" of the CSE Group into more local groups in the community, (by enabling more than just a single monthly meeting).  Our goal is to create a culture of "Coffee, Commerce, and Conversation" about innovation, entrepreneurship, and to create more frequent opportunities for business networking, lead generation, and tapping into a rich base of advisors and mentors in the community to help you better run your business.   We know you don't want to wait 30-days for another Monthly CSE Group Meetup Meeting to access those "roll-up your sleeves solutions" to day to day small business challenges, or to tap into "out of the box thinking" for your next product or service PR campaign that only comes from extreme networking and communications with fellow CSE Group members.


Charles has agreed to start the program off, by supporting and coordinating the first two CSE Group CoffeeCrew "mini-meetups" and moderate the online support Forums back on the web site.   We have also set-up a special menu item on the ColoSpgsBiz.ORG site called "CoffeeCrew" that will highlight the specific CoffeeCrew Mini-Meetup Info-pages, support individual custom blogs for each CoffeeCrew, and enable quick event calendar management to allow CoffeeCrew Coordinators to define specific calendar dates for their meetings, all from the front-end of the web-site using a special login credential and authorization.   Each CoffeeCrew Coordinator will also be able to manage their own Forum as moderator.   Charles Mason will be focusing on his two topic areas of interest, (1) Startup Advisor and (2) Invention Paradise. As new CSE Group members surface with CoffeeCrew mini-meetup ideas of their own, we can try them out and integrate their results, discussion findings, outcomes, etc., back to the Forum on the .ORG website for the rest of the CSE Group to benefit from.

Submit your ideas for new CoffeCrew Mini-Meetups to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it directly or post them to the forum.

Mike Schmidt, Chair
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

Monday, 15 November 2010 16:57

Invention Paradise


Welcome to Invention Paradise...  I'm Charles Mason. I'm the CoffeeCrew Coordinator for Invention Paradise, a weekly CoffeeCrew "Mini-Meetup" where we will go into more detail about the invention process, patents, technology assessment, etc. !

You are currently viewing our "Collaborative Communications Portal" on the CSE Group's main site.  This is our own little "corner of the CSE Group web-site world"...  And it's here we will be able to create our own articles, post our own blogs, contribute to our own Forum and manage our own event calendar.

What I hope to accomplish in this unique Meetup group is the following...

Monday, 15 November 2010 16:53

Startup Advisor


Welcome to Startup Advisor...  I'm Charles Mason. I'm the CoffeeCrew Coordinator for StartUp Advisor, a weekly CoffeeCrew "Mini-Meetup" where we will go into more detail about the entire startup company process !

You are currently viewing our "Collaborative Communications Portal" on the CSE Group's main site.  This is our own little "corner of the CSE Group web-site world"...  And it's here we will be able to create our own articles, post our own blogs, contribute to our own Forum and manage our own event calendar.

The objective of these meeting is to assist locals in starting up their own business through a informal setting.  No suits and ties or business attire required, no formal meeting structure, or requirement to get your questions answered.  Just simply qualified people in a informal environment there to answers questions or at least get you pointed the right direction.

I am working with some local businesses and professionals to schedule our first meeting.  Please check back soon for more details.

Monday, 15 November 2010 16:35



Welcome to "CoffeeCrew"... This is the new collaborative "Mini-Meetup" initiative we have launched for CSE Group Members who want to lead their own topic-specific weekly or bi-weekly meetings during the morning or afternoon hours on a more frequent basis, (outside of our normal monthly meetups) but now will have a place to organize their meeting schedules, post blog entries in their own "Mini-Portal" that supports comments, and be able to create their own identity. Each CoffeeCrew Mini-Meetup also has its own Forum area for detailed topic discussions, support, etc.

Our current CoffeeCrew "Mini-Meetups" are:

If you are interested in holding your own "CoffeeCrew" Mini-Meetup, and would like to become a "CoffeeCrew Coordinator" and be able to self-manage your own Mini-Meetup event calendar, blog, and forum area, please send an e-mail to the web-site coordinator using the Contact Us form on this site.
Friday, 12 November 2010 10:40

Launch of CIO Colorado

CIOLogo5Grassroots Organization Created to Reform Economic Development within the State of Colorado

CIO Colorado has been launched as a citizens’ task force to fill the need for an office of innovation within the State of Colorado – Chief Innovation Office. It will support economic development reform with the goal of turning around the State of Colorado’s economy leading to the formation of new business and creation of new jobs.
As many of you know, DaVinci Quest in Denver is developing the CIO Colorado Economic Reform Initiative and I am pleased to be working with the DQ Team Members to help put this citizen-led grass roots effort on the map.
For more information see the press release from Nov 7, 2010:

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group October 2010 Meetup

To CSE Group Members:

This month we are going to break from our normal speaker-meeting format, and look internally at the CSE Group to do some soul-searching about our mission, goals and objectives, and to address a number of member suggestions that have been "piling-up" over the course of the last several months regarding new group activities, meeting suggestions, etc. (See below).

It's time to "Fine-Tune, Calibrate, and Adapt" the CSE Group to a changing business and economic landscape here in Colorado Springs, and your participation is not only REQUESTED, but REQUIRED to make it happen !

Our First "FocusForum" Meetup - "You Talk, You Propose, We Decide"



Hour 1

1. "Gettin in the Mood" - Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions - - 25 Minutes (Group)
-- Food Sponsor - TBD

2. CSE Group Membership News and Internet Updates - 5 Minutes
-- Org Site, Meetup Happenings, Policies/Procedures, Blog Posts, Profiles

3. Review 5 Member Suggestions: (30 Minutes)
(If you suggested it, you better be at the meeting to defend it !)


a. Group Member Skills Matrix
Posted by: Steve
on May 16, 2010
8 Members like this

This involves much more than just listing one's skills, but it's a task which can be completed in ten minutes or less, preferably in conjunction with a regular meeting. The results, which most people find surprising, would later be collated into a matrix available to all group members. These results would also serve as a good organizing tool for later meetups in which members had expressed a desire to form special teams for various purposes.

b. Brainstorm small group workshop meeting

Posted by: david
on Sep 23, 2009
6 Memberslike this

Pick 4 people that want to develop specific things in their business. Make 4 groups of 4-6 people together in each small group to help the one person achieve what ever they need. Let the groups fully focus on helping that individual. ... Preferably 1 more experienced entrepreneur per group. Perhaps have entire group do homework/research to help this one person. Of course this help will come back to other members when other similar workshops are held. Thus, the camaraderie and homework is motivating for everyone. Perhaps timed sessions like 20 minutes. Stop. Break 5 minutes. Another 20 minutes looking at a different angle. Break. Another 30 min. session. Summary. Another 30 min. session. Summarize. Outline strategies.

c. Networking coffee

Posted by: Elysse
on Apr 29, 2010
5 Members like this

We just launched our online business but with a military husband and a toddler who is still at home it makes it hard to get to more formal events and people are less impressed when my toddler comes along, can't blame them!, and I was thinking maybe a coffee or lunch where those who have not made it to a meeting yet could still benefit from the group.

d. Weekly or Bi-Weekly meet-ups

Posted by: CMason
on Sep 2, 2010
2 Members like this

I know that Mike is busy but it would be nice to have a weekly or at least a bi-weekly meeting with other members at a coffee house, restaurant, etc. Each meeting can focus on a subject matter or simply a way of keep everyone motivated through these tougher times. Thoughts?

e. Meeting Place

Posted by: Victoria Ring
on Apr 29, 2010
2 Members like this

As long as we have a group of 10 or less, I live in an apartment complex that has a beautiful meeting and media center. There is also a kitchen so we can have refreshments at the meeting. If interested, let me know.


BREAK (10 Minutes)

Hour 2

4. FocusForum (60 Minutes)

(Example Topics Draft - Will be updated on Sunday Oct 24th)

a. Internal Organizational Changes
b. Meeting Formats / Alternatives
c. Capital Formation Sources, and Access for CSE Group
d. Business Support Services to the Community
e. Other Topic TBD

5. CSE Group Business Happenings:

a. InSide/OutSide Your Business - 5 Minutes
b. Tips and Techniques
c. Mike's Stack-O-Stuff

Formal Meeting Ends (8:15- 8:15PM)
-- Open Discussions/Small Group Meetings
-- Final Wrap !



About Penrose Library (CLICK ME)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 15:29

September 2010 Innovation Mashup at UCCS


Attention ! Colorado Springs Business Community...

It's iMash Time Again !

You are invited to attend our third quarterly “Innovation Mashup” or “iMash Meetup” to stimulate the Technology Transfer and Innovation Opportunities between The UCCS Center for Entrepreneurship, The Bachelor of Innovation Program, and the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group and the Local Colorado Springs Business Community…

This is our FIRST iMash event to be held at UCCS and Sponsored by The Center for Entrepreneurship, so we want to see a good overall turnout by the CSE Group members and the Colorado Springs Business Community.


It’s Wednesday, September 22, 2010 from 5:30PM-9:00PM
Location: The Ballroom at The UCCS Campus
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


We will be featuring business speakers from the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group, UCCS Center for Entrepreneurship, Colorado Springs Technology Incubator and the Peak Venture Group, as well as a student team from the UCCS Bachelor of Innovation Program who will be participating in one of our 5 Minute Presenters Slots.

Below is our “iMash” Speaker Lineup:

msColor2Mr. Mike Schmidt
CEO Ensemble Ventures, LLC
Chair, Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group

Mr. Schmidt is a Business Development Professional and Technology Synergist. After early stints with Intel Corporation’s New Fab Engineering group in the early 80’s and pursuing world wide data broadcasting and wireless satellite and internet markets in the 90’s, Mr. Schmidt has focused his energies over the last 10 years in helping to develop an Entrepreneurial “NemoSystem” for Colorado Springs. For 15+ years Mr. Schmidt has been providing business development support services offering strategic & tactical marketing, sales management, distribution channel creation, and strategic planning disciplines for a variety of small and large, industrial, computer and telecommunications companies on a world wide basis. For the last 3 years Mr. Schmidt has been chair of the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group, a 300+ Member strong local entrepreneur support group.

TomDueningPicMr. Tom Duening, Phd
El Pomar Chair of Business and Entrepreneurship
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, College of Business UCCS

Thomas Duening previously was the director of entrepreneurial programs for the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and then attended the University of Minnesota, where he received his master’s degree in philosophy of science and his doctorate in higher education administration. He also has served in many executive positions, including president of U.S. Learning Systems, LLC, vice president for Content Development at Edgia, Inc. Before joining ASU in September 2004, Duening successfully launched the Entrepreneurial and Venture Development Center at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Guests Speakers invited by The Center for Entrepreneurship to provide Program Updates on their local business support services will include:
  • Mr. Duncan Stewart - CEO - Colorado Springs Technology Incubator
  • Mr. Bob Todd – Director Middle Market Programs - Peak Venture Group

Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Speakers are:

  • SolmirusLogoDimitri Klebe, PhD. – Co-Founder and CEO – Solmirus Corporation
  • Jason Brooks, MSE – Co-Founder and CTO – Solmirus Corporation
  • also Co-Founder and CEO of Volta (Software and Design Development Co) VoltaLogoSM
Solmirus specializes in designing, building and installing high-level digital imaging instrumentation for use in remote locations, and pioneering new low-cost, high-quality residential solar solutions. The company offers custom product design and development as an engineering service. Dr. Klebe has a rich background in developing custom astronomical instrumentation as well as a frequent contributor to the scientific community. Dr. Klebe is also the Space Science Content Specialist at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in support of the Space Odyssey permanent exhibit. Mr. Brooks is a computer and software engineer with 15 years of industry experience spanning embedded systems development to large scale database solutions. His contributions to Solmirus include software development, solution architecture and project management. In addition to Solmirus, Mr. Brooks is a partner and lead solution architect for the Colorado Springs-based software and design development firm Volta and the developer of the Simian SaaS Solution.

ValueInnovLogoUCCSLogoUCCS Innovation Mashup
Bachelor of Innovation Student Speakers:
Teryn Guadagnoli and Chris Rosenberger and Nate Marrs will be presenting on the development of the Value Innovation Simulation. This team worked with Dick Lee of Value Innovations on a successful Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Grant. They will introduce the team/project goals, talk a little about the development process, show off some of their system, and then talk about the Phase II SBIR effort they helped support. The simulation is located at

For registration Information on this month’s Innovation Mashup Visit the CSE Group meetup site if you are a CSE Group member:

If you are a UCCS Student, Teacher, Faculty Member, Alumni, etc... Visit the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs site at: to be able to register for the event.


Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group August 2010 Meetup

Meeting Agenda: (Final)
Hour 1

PPHLogoSM1. "Gettin in the Mood" - Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions - - 25 Minutes (Group)
-- Food Sponsor - Ric Rooney - Pikes Peak Hyperbaric

2. CSE Group Membership News and Internet Updates - 5 Minutes
-- Org Site, Ning Site, Meetup Happenings, Policies/Procedures, Blog Posts, Profiles

3. Special CSE Group Project Presentations - 30 Minutes - Mike Schmidt
- CSE Group - "Entrepreneur Experience Expo" at the What If Festival (Sept 11, 2010)
a. Overview of Program and Opportunities for CSE Group Members and Companies
b. Exposition Sign-ups


- iMash Event - "Innovation Mashup" at UCCS with Center for Entrepreneurial Sponsorship
a. Scheduled for September 22, 2010 at 5:30PM at UCCS University Center Ball Room
b. Overview of Agenda / Speakers
c. Need to Promote Event and Increase Attendance
d. Opportunity for CSE Group to increase its profile in the community


- Q&A

BREAK (5 Minutes)
Hour 2

4. "QuickPitch" - "Off The Floor and Off the Cuff" Entrepreneur Sales Pitch - 1 Minute Each
-- Volunteer Pitches from Members who are seeking capital, seeking help, seeking customers, etc.
-- No reservation needed. If you want to make a "QuickPitch" - Bring it On !

5. 1st Guest Start-up Entrepreneur(s) - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A
- Matt Troyer - Local Colorado Springs Businessman developing a new Software Company

Matt Troyer - Colorado Springs Entrepreneur

MTroyerAbout Matt Troyer:

Matt is a University of Colorado at Boulder graduate with a BA in Biochemistry in 1988. And what did he do with this Biochemistry degree... he became and Entrepreneur ! - Matt was a founder and partner in which today is known as He help grow the company to 80 employees in size and sold out his interests in 2000. Matt has a number of start-up companies under his belt... For the past several years Matt has been the VP of Online Innovation at Taeus International Corporation where he is responsible for several of TAEUS' online products that help intellectual property executives manage their patent portfolios including TAEUSportalware, TAEUSreports, TAEUSworks, Patent Attorney Tracker, and PTO Gazette. Matt also manages the technology of the website and the online marketing functions at TAEUS International Corporation.

About Matt's Talk:

Matt is working on a project that has to do with technical aspects of patent data analytics. He will be providing the CSE Group with a quick overview of his new product concept (very quick), and explain what he believes to be its competitive advantages. He will then review some "go-to-market strategies" he is consideration and get some feedback from the group. According to MAtt, the field of patent analytics is fairly esoteric, so the point will not be to fully understand the technology, but rather understand the opportunity, then get CSE Group member opinions.

So this is your chance to "sit at the strategic planning table" with Matt has he formulates his plan, and have you provide some input. This is a two-way presentation !

6. 2nd Guest Start-up Entrepreneur - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A
- Mr. Karl Dakin -

Mr. Karl Dakin, CEO - DaVinci Quest , LLC

KDakinAbout Karl Dakin:

Karl Dakin is business start-up veteran with 30 years of experience acting as consultant, advisor, legal counsel, expert witness, investor, principal investigator, educator, officer and director to a large number of private businesses, educational organizations, professional associations and government agencies. Mr. Dakin has served as an executive in many leadership positions pursuing business opportunities in multiple markets. Working with cutting edge technology and programs for commercialization of innovation, Mr. Dakin has brought to bear his own creative and communication talents. He has shared knowledge gained through these experiences through extensive writing, speaking and instruction.

About Karl's Talk:

Veritek - a materials processing company that has created a revolutionary new process that uses minimal energy, no water and no chemicals. It will service three multi-billion dollar industries: mining, mine remediation and clean coal. It is seeking R&D partners and early stage investors to participate in ths new exciting business opportunity.

CSE Group Business Happenings:

7. InSide/OutSide Your Business - 5 Minutes
-- Tips and Techniques
-- Mike's Stack-O-Stuff

8. Group Discussions / Q&A

9. Formal Meeting Ends (8:00- 8:15PM)
-- Open Discussions/Small Group Meetings

-- Final Wrap !

Attention Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Members !
Next month on Saturday, September 11, 2010 The What-if Festival is being held in Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado that will bring together technology-enthusiasts, art-makers, garage inventors, do-it-yourselfers, scientists, culinary magicians, original musicians, robot builders, urban farmers, student creators, innovators, engineers, and all other thinkers and tinkerers for the first annual What IF... A Festival of Innovation and Imagination.


The E3 Pavilion:
The CSE Group is sponsoring the “E3 Pavilion” for “The Entrepreneurs Experience Expo” which is a celebration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit here in Colorado Springs. This will be a special area setaside for Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group member companies who will have a 6-foot table top exhibit that will enable you to show-off, showcase, and introduce your innovative products and services, or demonstrate a “Wow” technology, product, service or idea you have developed or are creating. This is your chance to “think outside the box”. Take this opportunity to launch future product concepts, service ideas, business innovations, etc. This event is educational in nature and will include the general public with kids and families in attendance, so this is a good Public Relations
opportunity for you and your company. This is where you can “pull out the stops” and put that idea you have been working on for months, or even years, and test-it out with the public.

Show Off Your Creativity and Innovation!
For some inspiration as to what others might be doing at the What-If festival you can review the What-IF web site for ideas. When you are ready to submit your idea go to the What-IF web site at: to fill out an online application. Be sure to include the phrase “The Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group E3 Pavilon” in the field marked “Collaboration Organization Name(s)”. This way it will be “flagged” for follow-up by the CSE Group team.

Support the CSE Group, and the Future Innovation and Creativity of Colorado Springs !
We are looking to have between 10-20 CSE Group exhibitors at the What-If Festival and we would like to be seen as a strong “presence” at the event, as Colorado Springs emerging entrepreneurial support organization.

You can download the E3 Flyer Here:

Mike Schmidt
Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group Chair


Hour 1

1. "Gettin in the Mood" - Food and Refreshments, Socializing, Introductions - - 25 Minutes
PPHLogoSM-- June's Food Sponsor -Ric Rooney of Pikes Peak Hyperbaric

2. CSE Group Membership News and Internet Updates - 5 Minutes
-- Org Site, Ning Site, Meetup Happenings, Policies/Procedures, Blog Posts, Profiles

3. Special Guest Business Speaker - Mr. Dale Halling - 30 Minutes

Dale Halling - Patent Attorney and Entrepreneur

daleHallingPicAbout Dale:

Dale Halling is patent attorney and entrepreneur. As a patent attorney, Mr. Halling, has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies including, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Motorola, Ameritech, SBC, MCI, Cypress, and numerous technology start-ups. He has helped his clients obtain patents worldwide. Dale's technical background includes a BS in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University, and a MS in Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas. Mr. Halling spent several years performing research and development in free space laser communication systems at McDonnell Douglas. After receiving his J.D. from Saint Louis University, Mr. Halling worked as patent/intellectual property counsel for Motorola. He started his own patent law firm in Colorado Springs in 1995. His firm performs patent and intellectual property work for Fortune 500 companies, high-technology start-ups and small business and individuals. He is the author of the book “The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur: How Little Known Laws are Killing Innovation.”

DaleBookAbout Dale's Talk:

As a patent attorney, Halling interfaces with start-up entrepreneurs and has a front-row seat to many exciting innovations.... However, over the course of the last 10 years, he began to see a shift in the types of projects his clients were involved with in the 1990s and 2000s. Clients, in the 90s, would be developing businesses that seemed disruptive or revolutionary... However, the tech downturn of 2000-2001 changed all that. After 2002, the start-up companies that approached him were all looking for narrow niche markets. Now these companies were looking to develop incremental changes and be bought out by an existing company. Obviously something shifted, a change in the marketplace occured. What has happened to innovation ? What is causing these intrepid entrepreneurs to fall back and take safe positions ? So how do we "fix" the system and rewrite the rules for entrepreneurship and jumpstart innovation? Dale will highlight some of the "findings" that led him to write his informative and eye-opening book.

BREAK (5 Minutes)

Hour 2

4. "QuickPitch" - "Off The Floor and Off the Cuff" Entrepreneur Sales Pitch - 1 Minute Each
-- Volunteer Pitches from Members who are seeking capital, seeking help, seeking customers, etc.
-- No reservation needed. If you want to make a "QuickPitch" - Bring it On !

5. 1st Guest Start-up Entrepreneur(s) - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A

Paul Janisko - Founder and CEO - Janisko, LLC and Rendered Source, LLC

PaulJaniskoPicAbout Paul:

Paul is the Founder & CEO of both Janisko LLC and Rendered Source, LLC. Paul has a background in working with new technologies, software development and has been a lifetime entrepreneur even when working in the corporate world. Paul’s experience stretches along many technology driven industries, which feeds his passion for creating Internet Start Ups. Janisko LLC, a privately held technology company specializing in the creation technology driven business solutions. At Janisko, we believe in delivering results that meet your business objectives. The key in doing that is to understand your business needs from your perspective. Our solutions will adapt to your business processes, not the other way around.

renderedSourceLogoPaul's Topic:

Paul will be introducing the Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group to his innovative software development company "Rendered Source" It is a unqiue software and web development company that creates custom software solutions and mobile applications that are optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The companies developers are skilled expert-level developers and software architects, graphics designers, systems and network specialists, and search engine marketing experts.

6. 2nd Guest Start-up Student Entrepreneur - 5 Minute Pitch - 5 Minute Q&A

UCCS Innovation Mashup - Student Speaker - Andrew Cratty,

wuffitLogoWuffIT is a corporation setup to develop pet tracking and safety related technology for pets. Funded through donors, local businesses and grants, WuffIT is able to develop and provide this technology at minimal cost to pet owners and trainers. All proceeds from the WuffIT corporation are used to support pet tracking and safety products and also benefit non-profit organizations.


WuffIT Corporation’s development efforts are being supported by a group of students as a project under the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs’ Bachelor of Innovation program.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, WuffIT Corporation is creating products that provide low cost solutions for dog owners to locate missing pets or improve their training. The WuffIT product line consists of several low cost solutions which range from a simple collar with GPS wireless tracking, a remotely controlled wireless training collar, and software for wireless data enabled smart phones.

"UCCS Bachelor of Innovation and CSE Group" Innovation MashUp:


Welcome to the second of our four quarterly joint "Innovation MashUp Meetups" we are planning for 2010 that brings together UCCS Bachelor of Innovation Staff, Students, and advisors together with the local Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group. We will be announcing our "Innovation Mashup" activities in the next week so stay tuned ! Attention: UCCS Staff and Students...
Be sure to use our special RSVP Page on our CSE Group ORG Site to register your attendance... Use this link for registration:

CSE Group Business Happenings:

7. Small Business Funding Developments:
--Update on Meetings this month with various small business funding initiatives and updates on local support organizations working with the CSE Group.

8. InSide/OutSide Your Business - 5 Minutes
-- Tips and Techniques
-- Mike's Stack-O-Stuff

9. Group Discussions / Q&A

10. Formal Meeting Ends (8:00- 8:15PM)
-- Open Discussions/Small Group Meetings
-- Final Wrap !

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